How To Make $20 Fast Online in 2023 With Bestchange Affiliate Program

How To Make $20 Fast Online in 2023 With Bestchange Affiliate Program

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Registering on the exchanger monitor website as an affiliate, you confirm that you completely agree with these terms and conditions and that you shall observe them.

Your reward directly depends on the correct promotion campaign and due usage of advertising materials and texts. These texts must clearly tell users what the purpose of BestChange service is, and how to use it to exchange cryptocurrency and e-money. We recommend you choose the correct approach to work, use our sample text materials and rules as a guideline, then your reward will be the highest.


1. The USD currency is used to add money to your account and make payments due to the affiliate program. To withdraw your affiliate money, you can choose between the Bitcoin, Perfect Money (USD, EUR), Payeer (USD, EUR), Advanced Cash (USD, EUR) currencies.

2. The minimum amount of earned money that can be withdrawn from your affiliate account is $1.00.

3. You can get up to $0.65 for each unique user you attract. The exact amount of award depends on a number of parameters. The higher the interest of attracted users in exchanging currencies, the higher your reward will be.

3.1. Payments for one visitor consist of several separate amounts:

  • Basic rate – $0.04.

If the user engaged by you:

  • uses the exchanger monitoring service, you additionally get $0.01 x 9;
  • returns to the site in 3 days, you additionally get $0.02;
  • returns to the site in 7 days, you additionally get $0.03;
  • returns to the site in 14 days, you additionally get $0.04;
  • returns to the site in 30 days, you additionally get $0.06;
  • returns to the site in 60 days, you additionally get $0.09;
  • returns to the site in 90 days, you additionally get $0.13;
  • returns to the site in 120 days, you additionally get $0.15;
  • registered as a partner, you earn 30% of their income in our system;
  • registered as a partner and engaged another partner, you earn 10% of the latter's income in our system.

3.2. The specified amount of the affiliate rewards may be changed over time. In this case, all earned money are kept on the account taking into account the rates that were valid at the time when you got them.

4. The user is not considered unique (the system does not count the visitor) if:

  • there has already been a visit to our website from their IP address via an affiliate link within recent 90 days
  • their browser does not support the "referer" parameter (the address of the page where the affiliate link was clicked);
  • they are not interested in using our service;
  • they only came to use the bitcoin faucet;
  • the visit was made by the partner.

5. The affiliates must not:

  • click their own affiliate links;
  • ask other visitors to follow affiliate links;
  • register more than one affiliate account;
  • use any types of cheats to drive up the number of visits.

6. The page where you publish your affiliate link must clearly specify the services we provide. The promotional text must include information about our main function – providing best exchange rates in trusted and reliable exchangers, and this information must take up the main part of the promotional text, no less than its half. Any deceitful description asking the user to follow the affiliate link will be punished by blocking the affiliate account. Your texts must also not consist exclusively of advertising our affiliate program or the "bitcoin faucet" on our website.

  • Allowed: promotional text contains information only about the main function of our website;
  • Allowed: promotional text contains information about the main function of our website (no less than half of the promotional text) and about our affiliate program;
  • Forbidden: promotional text contains information about our affiliate program and/or the "bitcoin faucet" only.
The section Text materials will help you create promotional text in your affiliate account (the link will be available after logging).

7. It is forbidden to publish the affiliate link in:


  • pay to surf (PTS) or paid advertising message view systems;
  • on websites that use services from the previous list item;
  • in contextual and targeted advertising systems, teaser networks, traffic purchase/sale networks (AdWords, Facebook, etc.);
  • in mass mailing (SPAM), bulk e-mail messages from various services, social networks;
  • on sites that force new browser windows or open sites in hidden frames;
  • on websites created only for advertising referral links;
  • on websites distributing any materials directly or indirectly violating international law;
  • on web pages that publish lists of websites with "BTC faucets" (you can add our website to such a list, but the link must not be an affiliate one in this case);
  • on web pages that are not publicly available (closed groups and social network pages, closed forum sections, etc.).
Sites that violate one or several of the above rules will be added to the black list of our affiliate program. No payment will be made for visitors coming from such sites.

8. If these terms and conditions are not observed, the violator's reward will be rejected and the account can be blocked without a possibility of restoring.

9. In case of suspicion that the partner is cheating the affiliate program (create a false series of clicks), the administrator has the right to:

  • request the screenshots of the advertising materials from the partner;
  • request access to the visitor statistics of the websites where the advertising materials are published;
  • block the affiliate account of the partner suspected of cheating, without payments and explanations.

10. Affiliates are completely responsible for the security of their authentication data (username and password) for access to their accounts.

11. While registering in the affiliate program, the partner automatically subscribes to the "Affiliate Program News" mailing list. If necessary, the partner can subscribe from this mailing list in the "Profile" section of his affiliate account.

12. These terms and conditions can be changed unilaterally without notifying the participants of the program. However, all changes are published on this page.

How To Make $20 Fast Online in 2023 With Bestchange Affiliate Program

Registration in the affiliate program


Please fill out all fields on the registration form carefully and attentively. The registration notification will be sent to the e-mail address you specify.

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